Aston Martin New England

Aston Martin New England

V8 Vantage - Design

The V8 Vantage is a lesson in proportion, stance and sculptural form. Styled to seduce, the simple yet potent design is instantly recognisable.

V8 Vantage - Design


Understated style and enviable self-assurance ensure the V8 Vantage exudes effortless charisma. Our designers work so hard to achieve a rare degree of visual restraint. Of course the magnetic attraction of an Aston Martin means you will never pass unnoticed, but thanks to its inherent class and cultured exhaust note, you can be sure the Vantage will never fail to leave the right impression.


A clean, sculptural form and perfectly executed details combine to create a car with presence, compelling visual tension and timeless beauty.


Adhering to the ‘golden-ratio’ that lies at the heart of all Aston Martin’s, V8 Vantage was specifically designed to display a pure and uncomplicated exterior stance but one that was primed with athletic ability. Breath-taking in motion, pure from any angle – V8 Vantage proves that the most complex thing to create is simplicity.


We know that for many of you a Vantage is the realisation of a long held dream. That is why our designers and craftsmen have worked tirelessly to ensure its interior has the same bewitching blend of style, luxury, quality and unmatched sense of occasion found in every Aston Martin.

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